It is a dynamic department with talented and dedicated faculty. The department contributes significantly to the curriculum in medical education and is dedicated to fostering imaginative and talented pathologists who will continue contributing to human well-being in the fundamental efforts of elucidating and understanding disease mechanisms.

Quality control is done by internal and external agencies.

Lifeline Hospital Pathology Department is equipped with many New Generation Equipments with Fully Automatic Machines, we routinely perform analysis of Blood, Urine, Biochemical, Harmonal Test, Haemetological Test and Culture sensitivity.

Even though we are Equipped with Advanced Technology Equipments we offer services at the most reasonable rates to our patients.

Health Check-Up:

To make it Affordable for our Patients, we have Health Check-Up Plans -

  • Stroke Patient - Basic Stroke Workup and Advanced Stroke Workup
  • Arthritis Patient - Arthritis Profile Tests
  • Thyroid - Thyroid Health Check-up
  • Diabetic - Diabetic Health Check-up

Preventive Heath Check-Up Plans:

  • Basic Health Check-Up
  • Comprehensive Health Check-Up
  • Advanced Health Check-Up
  • Whole-body Health Check-Up
  • Diabetes & Obesity Check-Up
  • Senior Citizen Health Check-Up