Clinical Psychiatry

Clinical Psychiatry

The department of psychiatry of Lifeline Hospital and Research Center is dedicated in improving the mental health continuous by providing outstanding care to all age groups. The department has qualified psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and trained nurses/compounder who provide various forms of treatments, including drug-treatment, ECT- treatment. Inpatient facilities are also available for unstable patient requiring short term observation.

The department has well equipped ECT facility including anesthesia and EEG monitoring equipments. Facilities for psychological testing are also available here.

The department is actively involved in workshop's and seminars for follow up patients.

Clinical Psychiatry Facilities:

Team work is an important functional necessity for such a sensitive department. And this has been demonstrated by our psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychiatric social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatric nurses, postgraduates and attenders, who form the bedrock of this department.

The department, which is being headed by Dr. Vindhya Prakash Singh, offers specialised services such as child and adolescent psychiatry clinic and de-addiction clinic. The stigma associated with psychiatry has been dipping as is evident in the increasing number of inpatients and outpatients reaching out to get treated. Perhaps this is a testimony to its firm belief that mental illness, like physical disorders, can be treated.