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My Journey as Endoscopic Neurosurgeon

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My Journey as Endoscopic Neurosurgeon Now a day every specialty is going for minimally invasive technique. In last decade of 20th century endoscope gradually entre into neurosurgical armamentarium when neurosurgeon's started it's use in hydrocephalus. The success of ETV procedures in the treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus open new dimensions in neuroendoscopy. The endoscope is currently being used for all type of neurosurgically treatable disorders, like tumour at skull base and Intraventricular region. Degenerative spine disease , rare types of hydrocephalus , craniosynostosis etc.

I was lucky that I had my neurosurgical training under auspicious guidance of Pro. M. Hussain who is a well known figure in endoscopic brain and spine surgeries.

He was among few neurosurgeon's in India who started it in late 20th century. He had various publications based on endoscopic approaches. The first indigenous pure Indian endoscopic spine system was devised by him.

Those 3 years which I spended with him was one of the best time of my medical carrier. Where I learned tricks & pitfalls of endoscopic brain & spine surgeries. Later I came in contact with Prof. Jean Destandu & Dr. S. Rohidas who are also pioneer in endoscopic spine field. After years of endoscopic experience apart from ETV procedures, I removed NCC and missed ventricular shunt end from inside the ventricles. Lot's of spinal endoscopic procedures are regularly being done in Lifeline Hospital & Research Center, Azamgarh. Even today endoscopic approaches had not gained wide acceptance in neurosurgeons probably due to long learning curve. keeping this in mind with joint ventures of Sahara Hospital Lucknow, King Gorge Medical University Lucknow and Life Line Hospital & Research Center Azamgarh 1st spine endovision 2015 conference with workshop was organized by us in March 2015 Lucknow. In north India it was one of a unique conference of it's kind with lot's of learning opportunities for spine surgeons and appreciated by them also. Even today there are not more than 100 centers of neuro endoscopic procedures in India. Lifeline Hospital & Research Center Azamgarh is among one of them, regularly upgrading himself with aim to provide best patient care.

Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh
M.Ch.(Neuro Surgery)

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