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Re-revised Minimal Invasive Spine

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Re-revised Minimal Invasive Spine It's a great time for us, as we had performed the first Minimal invasive spinal fusion technique with MAST quadrant with the help of Medtronic India and Fortis Hospital Noida.

We are thankful to Dr Manish Vishaya from Fortis Hospital Noida, who joined us in Lifeline hospital and performed this surgery. Such surgeries were previously available for patients of metro cities of India only. We are happy to announce that now it is available for the patients of Eastern UP also.

Technologies involved in such surgeries are major breakthrough for the patients of low back pain as it is less invasive, associated with lesser blood loss, lesser hospitalization, lesser postoperative pain .and early return to work.

The minimal invasive technique has emerged as one of the technique which few neurosurgeons are using at present. This newer technique can now be utilized in Azamgarh also as Dr. Anoop Kumar Singh is now doing the same in Lifeline Hospital and research centre, Azamgarh.

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