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Inauguration of BLS and ACLS Workshop

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Inauguration of BLS and ACLS workshop by DM and SP of Azamgarh: Sensitizing administration , media and community towards the importance of BLS (Basic Life Support ) training An important and useful workshop of 'Basic and Advance life saving support' was organised by Life Line Hospital and inaugurated by DM and SSP of Azamgarh to sensitize them towards the importance of this training among the community, apart from the medical and paramedical professionals . Kudos to Dr Gayatri Singhi and Dr Anoop Singh Singh and the super energetic team of Dr Rajni Gupta , Dr Hemlata Verma and Dr Markose Paret from KGMC . Basic Life Support (BLS) is the primary medical aid provided to a person in an emergency medical situation. This procedure can prove to be very helpful when it comes to saving the life of an individual with cardiac or respiratory arrest. It is important to understand that the objective of BLS is not to 'treat' the person but to buy some valuable time until the emergency medical aid arrives and this course.