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About Us

The Life Line Hospital and Research Centre was established in September 2009. It is a leading integrated health care provider which had laid for providing world class health care services for the elite and common people of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It has a large network of integrated health care services with world class diagnostic equipments, medical facilities and latest technologies in Neuro surgery, General surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Maxillo facial surgery, Psychiatry, Medicine department, Dialysis Unit, Physiotherapy, Critical care department, Dental treatment and Psychotherapy etc. People of eastern part of Uttar Pradesh are largely benefitted after establishment of this hospital.

Life Line Hospital had registered under ISO-9001. The hospital is fully air conditioned with a total capacity of 100 beds. Total 200 above staffs are working here with great stamina. Daily 9 OPDs running here from different departments. About twelve departments are running here more specifically the department of Neuro surgery trauma Unit, Medicine Unit and Psychiatry. Life Line offers a comprehensive range of medical specialties and services helmed by a highly experienced and skilled team of health care professionals who consistently deliver excellent health care outcomes and care for patients.

The people from the poor section of the society, at frequent intervals, get free treatment here. The management has launched its primary health care unit in village HATHIYA (Dist. Azamgarh) for poor sector of society.

About Patient Care- Life Line Hospital and Research Center believes in delivering the best patient care with passion and empathy. To improve care for patient , Life Line Hospital aims to deliver better seamless and integrated medical services to the people by new medical technologies and systems.

About Social Responsibility- Life Line Hospital runs various awareness programmes for common diseases like BRAIN STROKE, HEAT STROKE, PSYCHIATRIC ILLNESSES, HEAD INJURY, MENINGITIS focussed for Doctors, health care professionals & common public.


      • To provide efficient and effective services affordable and desirable to patients and referring clinicians.
      • To be the major specialist health care provider for the population of Azamgarh and the eastern U.P.
      • To provide additional services for the local population
      • To support the principle of local access wherever possible
      • To provide services which are quick and easy to access and provide an excellent patient experience.
      • To educate people regarding early treatment and late rehabilitation for diseases